I work as both a clinician and a trainer.  This means that I have to explain a a range of different concepts to people in my day job, including the idea of Harm Reduction.  It doesn’t stop there though because inevitably after work I will be out somewhere and somebody breaks the cardinal rule.  Oh you don’t know what the cardinal rule is? Okay here it goes:

Cardinal Rule #1: “Don’t ask me what I do for a living unless you really want to know.”

Of course this often rapidly followed by a breach of  cardinal rule number 2.

Cardinal Rule #2: “Don’t bang on about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket and blame all drug users for the apparent ruination of everything you love”

Well once those two rules are broken, I’m left with no other option but to dig the hole deeper by explaining what I do in great detail including, explaining why harm reduction is such a great thing…often in very small sentences for the inebriated.

Up until now I’ve addressed these socially awkward moments all on my own, but not anymore. From now on I’m going to let Twitter do my talking…140 characters to explain harm reduction is just brief enough I reckon and you can all help out.

Have a go.  Tweet an explantion of harm reduction in 140 characters or less including the hash tag #harmreductionin140



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