Wake Up Jeff!

No I’m not referring to the narcoleptic member of the children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles.  I’m talking about Jeff Kennett, the somewhat redundant ex-Premier of Victoria.

Mr. Kennett claimed in a recent radio interview that Kool Mints accelerated the reduction of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Mr. Kennett really needs some education regarding alcohol (I can recommend Alcohol Considering Change or any one of a number of Drink Drive courses). Unfortunately there are a number of commonly held myths that exist regarding lowering BAC.  Let’s have a look at a few.

Myth #1: A cold shower will sober you up.

FALSE: A cold shower will result in a cold wet drunk person.  Considering the number of accidents involving sober people slipping in showers, it’s probably not a great  idea to shower while intoxicated.

Myth #2: Lots of caffiene will sober you up.

FALSE: Force feeding caffiene into a person who is intoxicated on alcohol will result in a dehydrated, slightly more alert drunk person.  This combination can increase risk of harm, as increased alertness can cause the drinker to underestimate their level of intoxication.  Additionally both alcohol and caffiene dehydrate the body.  When used in combination in high enough doses this can lead to acute health issues.

There has been some discussion in recent times about the risks of combining caffiene based ‘energy drinks’ and alcohol resulting in the ban of sales of ready to drink (RTD) products that combine high levels of caffiene and alcohol  in a number of U.S. states (See article here).

Myth #3: You just need to sweat it out.

FALSE: Only 3% of alcohol is excreted via perspiration.  Going to the gym to run off the effects of a drinking session will have a negligible impact on your level of intoxication and is more likely to result in an embarrasing treadmill related accident.

THE FACT: Time is the only thing that will reduce BAC.  It takes approximately one hour for a healthy male liver to process one standard drink of alcohol.

So please wake up Jeff, or even better if you feel the need for a Kool Mint Mr. Kennett, go take a little nap.  The time you spend sleeping will give your body a chance to process the alcohol in your system.

2 Responses to “Wake Up Jeff!”
  1. Ray says:

    Jeff proves in this ridiculous rambling that Kool Mints won’t stop you making a fool of your self when intoxicated.

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