Website Review: Bluebelly – With Eyes Wide Open

At a glance:

  • Psycho-stimulant harm reduction wikis
  • Animations of neurotransmission
  • Nutrition and self care information

The Review

Before I get started I have to acknowledge a little bit of bias in regards to this site, as I was one of the authors of some of the material on this site.  Now that I’ve acknowledged that, I’m pleased to say the Bluebelly – With Eyes Wide Open is a great source of information about psycho-stimulants such as amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy.

The website aims to engage people who use psychostimulants who do not currently access drug treatment services and who do not see themselves as problematic substance users.  The site is centred around a range of harm reduction articles that have been made available as wikis, enabling site members to contribute to and improve the existing articles.  By setting up the articles in this way, visitors to the site can become part of the expertise rather than patients to be treated.  The site also provides drug information including a selection of great medical animations that demonstrate how cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines effect neurotransmission.

Bluebelly also delivers a range of lifestyle elements such as a cookbook, games and music from the fantastic Party Smart Harm Reduction Mash Up CD which was produced by the folks at INTRA.  The lifestyle elements serve the dual purpose of engaging visitors with the site as well as providing information about lifestyle practices that enhance harm reduction.

The Verdict

Well clearly I’m biased, however I think the novel approach of providing harm reduction information in the form of a wiki really demonstrates a consumer centered approach to harm reduction online.  The inclusion of lifestyle elements and the visual design of the site lend it credibility with it’s target audience.  Overall this is a great site for anybody who is using psycho stimulants, providing information in a balanced and non judgemental manner.

Check out the site yourself and let other readers know how you would rate the site in the comments section below this article.


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