Website Review: Injecting Advice v2.0

At a glance:

  • Regular podcasts
  • A wealth of articles
  • Downloadable resources
  • Discussion forums

The Review

The Injecting Advice website is a great resource and a fantastic example of how the internet can be utilised by grass roots harm reduction advocates to develop and disseminate quality harm reduction information.  The brainchild of a needle exchange program worker in the U.K., the Injecting Advice website contains a wealth of harm reduction articles and resources aimed at both drug users and harm reduction workers.  Visitors to the site have the opportunity to become member and take part in discussion forums to network and share knowledge with others.  Currently the site maintains a membership of over 400.

In addition to all of these great resources Injecting Advice regularly releases the “Hooked” podcast, which discusses issues pertinent to harm reduction.  Followers of the site can keep abreast of up and coming developments on the website via both the Injecting Advice Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Verdict

The Injecting Advice Website is a clean attractive site that demonstrates what can be done to share harm reduction information to a wide audience with very little resources.  The site offers a good balance of information and interactivity and is a welcome addition to the resources available to harm reduction workers online.

One Response to “Website Review: Injecting Advice v2.0”
  1. Nigel Brunsdon says:

    Thanks so much for the kind comments, is something I did as a reaction to the lack of harm reduction dialog that was around at the time (over 4 years ago now). I’m glad to say that with the rise of social media platforms like twitter and with newer more accessible blogging tools this is changing.

    Which is good because now more than ever we need harm reduction activism, especially here in the UK where in the latest drug strategy only has a single mention of it in the whole document. And we have services reporting that they won’t retain their tender if they keep ‘harm reduction’ in the name of the service.

    All I keep thinking though is, yes harm reduction may be under pressure. But pressure creates diamonds

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