2 Social Media Tools for Sharing Harm Reduction Information

This week has been a week of discoveries.  Temporarily bored with my usual playthings of Facebook and Twitter, I went in search of some different ways that I could share harm reduction information online.  To my delight I found some new toys!


Issuu is website that allows you to self publish and distribute printed publications, however it’s finest point is the publications are also viewable as embeddable flip books online.*

Click on picture to check out Black Poppy Magazine on Issuu

Viewers of the materials that you upload to Issuu are able to view your materials and embed them in their own websites.  If the viewer is also a member of Issuu they may also have the option of downloading the publication from the site in its original file format (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF etc).It’s a great way of sharing highly visual information and/or text.

There are already publications on the site from such notable organisations such as DrugScope, the New Zealand Drug Foundation, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union and others.

Click on the picture to check out Stonetree's publications

Issuu is a great tool for sharing information both electronically and in print format and I will definitely be using it in the future.


My second discovery of the week actually came about due to the wonderful world of Twitter.  Much thanks is due to @jamiebillingham for sharing her discovery of Scoop.it with me.

Information like food should be shared not hoarded and this service allows you to do both.  Currently in beta format, Scoop.it  is a curation tool that allows you to collect information about a chosen topic from a variety of web sources and share it with others  Check out the video to see how it works.

The materials that you collect are presented in a newspaper style page and allows you to disseminate what you find via Twitter and Facebook.  The fact that others can suggest materials for your chosen topic is a nice touch.

I can see some real possibilities regarding this service for harm reduction activists to collaboratively collect and share information.

Click on the image to visit my Scoop.it Harm Reduction topic

All in all, it has been a fruitful week!

*(In case you were wondering why I haven’t embedded the Issuu flip-books in Stonetree, I have to admit to some technical issues in regards to WordPress.  I have however been able to embed the flip books into a Ning site and it should integrate quite smoothly with Blogger)


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