Our C-ciety: A social network to support people undertaking treatment for Hepatitis C

New AIVL website

In December 2010, I reviewed the then, newly released Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) website. The site was touting a link to a yet to be released social network for ex and current injecting drug users who were considering, undertaking or had undertaken treatment for Hepatitis C.  After some testing and experimentation the site is now open to people who are seeking support and  information about hepatitis C from their peers.

Hepatitis C treatment has had a relatively low uptake in Australia, with one of the significant barriers to treatment being the burdensome side effects that some people experience during treatment.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many people I talk too, everyone’s experience has been different, but the wait to find out if treatment has been successful seems to be a common theme in the many stories I have heard.  Our C-Ciety demonstrates to me how a social network can be used to bring people together for mutual support and resource sharing and I applaud AVIL for initiating this great idea.

To check out Our C-ciety and possibly contribute you experience and knowledge go to: http://c-ciety.ning.com/ (you will need to have your membership approved before you will be able to access the  network).


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