Holy crap Batman…to the Relapsemobile

The recent passing of G. Alan Marlatt has marked for me (and I guess many others) a time to reflect upon some of the common concepts and assumptions about behaviour change that have developed over the last thirty years.  I like to think that as a sector we have moved away from the concepts of ‘rock bottom’, ‘denial’ and ‘not ready yet’.  I like to think that we have moved towards concepts such as change as a process, as behaviour as a learned response and of the client as an expert in their own lived experience.  The work of G. Alan Marlatt and of others like him have very much supported these notions.

It wasn’t very long after I had learnt of Dr. Marlatt’s death that I came across the comics produced by Ground Up Comix.  Ground Up Comix is a project that develops comic book style resources addressing alcohol and other drugs issues.

Two of the comics ‘The Whole Hog’ and ‘Beware of S.I.D.’ take some of the concepts relating to relapse prevention, developed by Marlatt and present them in a way that is engaging, humorous, relevant, and… well just fantastic.

The reason I say fantastic is because after all when you boil it all down, relapse prevention is all about meeting people where they are at, and where I’m at, at the moment is reading comic books when I should be reading academic journals for my studies.  But hell change is a process right. 🙂


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