IHRA 2011 Conference…the conference report from the guy that wasn’t there

I have never been to an International Harm Reduction conference. Not one.  But I’m going to write a blog article about the International Harm Reduction Conference that just finished in Beirut, Lebanon.

I can do this thanks to Twitter and all the tweeps out there who shared there experience of the conference.  I’ve been watching the #IHRA2011 hashtag for the last few days, following friends from home, friends I’ve only ever met online and friends that I haven’t met yet, tweet about their conference experience and it was… GREAT!

So let’s have a look at some of the highlights:

The International Harm Reduction Association Conference Declaration was all over the web before the conference even really got rolling with tweets and retweets  asking people to sign the declaration calling for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for drug users.  If you missed it you can still sign it here: A global call for action

It was also fantastic to hear that fellow Australian Jude Byrne the Chair of INPUD along with Richard Needle from the U.S. were awarded this year’s International  Rolleston Award

Greg Soctt  (@2thirty) shared a great presentation about brief intervention to promote risk reducing behaviours to reduce the incidence of HCV transmission.  Greg shared his presentation with Twitterdom as well as the conference, making him a star in my books.  Thanks Greg for sharing your great work.

You can see his presentation here: By the Numbers

@injectingadvice Nigel Brusndon of  http://injectingadvice.com fame made a movie that was to be shown as part of Meghan Ralston’s (@overdosegirl) presentation to the conference.   Nigel did a great job of articulating how Twitter can be used to share information and learning among harm reductionists and drug users.   Unfortunately their were some technical difficulties and Meghan never got to show the film.  That didn’t deter Nigel though who promptly put the film up on the Injecting Advice website and tweeted the conference hashtag to let everyone know.  You can see the film at the Injecting Advice website.

And of course there was the great commentary from the prolific tweeters @Blue_belly,  @AramBarra , @mena_hra to name a few.

Next year’s conference is in my homeland of Australia and I look forward to attending in person, but in the meantime a big thank you to all of the Tweeters out there that allowed us to share in even a little bit of this year’s conference.

2 Responses to “IHRA 2011 Conference…the conference report from the guy that wasn’t there”
  1. Nigel Brunsdon says:

    Also the wonderful Tam Miller won an award for all his amazing activism work. Tam is a truly inspiring person who I’m honoured to know, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of recognition.

  2. Tam Miller says:

    Thank you Nigel,that really means a lot to me. Especially coming from you.

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