5 online resources for Needle Syringe Programs

There is lot’s of great stuff on the Internet, so I thought I would start collecting some of my favourites together and sharing them with others, starting with some great resources for Needle Syringe Programs.

Original Photo by: Todd Huffman at http://flickr.com/photos/99287245@N00/2344377068

Want to know a little more about Needle Syringe Programs?

Needle and Syringe Programs: Your Questions Answered was produced by the Australian Government in 2005.  While it is getting on a bit now, all of the information contained in this little booklet is still as relevant today as it was when it was first printed.

Ever thought of starting up a needle syringe program?

The Harm Reduction Coalition in the U.S. have made available on their website a great guide to developing and managing needle syringe programs in PDF form.

Harm Reduction Coalition: Guide to Developing and Managing Syringe Access Programs (SAPs)

Want to learn more?

Nigel Brunsdon at Injecting Advice has developed and made available a Performance and Image Enhancing Drug (PIED) Assessment Tool .  The tool provides assessment proformas and guidance for NSP workers engaging with people who use performance and image enhancing drugs.

What Works? From Exchange Supplies  is a guide to injecting equipment selection for injecting drug users.  It is available for purchase  as a spiral bound book or can be viewed online in cool flipbook form.

What’s the evidence?

For those who are interested in the evidence supporting Needle Syringe Programs, you may want to check out Return on Investment 2: Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of  needle and syringe programs in Australia 2009 .  This report comprises of an economic analysis of the cost effectiveness of needle syringe programs, identifying the cost savings produced by the prevention of transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C.

There it is: five of my favourite needle and syringe program resources available online.

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