7 Dating Tips for Harm Reduction Workers

While many of the people who access alcohol and other drug services are all too frequently stigmatised, it is also fair to say that many AOD/Harm Reduction workers are also presented with stigmatising attitudes in social situations when they disclose what they do.  It was with this in mind that I decided to post a series of humorous tweets providing dating advice to harm reduction workers this Valentines Day.

The tweets got such a quick response from my hard working harm reductionist peers that I thought I would collate them here:

  1. If your date refers to “those people” get the hell out of there.
  2. If your date refers to STI testing don’t freak out, they might be your perfect date.
  3. Be a good ambassador for harm reduction, pack a condom (that goes for you too girls).
  4. Make sure you vet all potential dates for supportive views of needle syringe programs.
  5. A gift of sterile injecting equipment & condoms says far more about you than chocolates.
  6. Make sure you have suitable mood noise playing in the background like a Hooked podcast.
  7. Take your date to see Pulp Fiction so you can explain the inaccuracies re: OD response

If these tips make sense to you, then pass them on to a Harm Reduction worker that you feel a sense of collegial love for this Valentines Day.

8 Responses to “7 Dating Tips for Harm Reduction Workers”
  1. Lisa Moore says:

    Love this! But what’s wrong with sterile injecting equipment, condoms AND good chocolate? Don’t we want to have it all?

  2. stonetreeaus says:

    🙂 I like your thinking Lisa.

  3. Lisa, obviously HR in action ayk – Chocolate has been demostrated to be very addictive, plus it can really bung up a 1ml single use, so you would have to have a 10 or 20 ml barrel and a blue pr green spike- I believe sugar free is best!! lmao!

  4. stonetreeaus says:

    Hi Grant, I like your thinking however I would not be advocating injecting chocolate, as this poses way too many risks. A harm reduction approach in this instance would be to discuss alternate routes of administration. I believe that there are chocolate products available in inhalant form that may be well suited for this application 🙂

  5. Estera Brudek says:

    Stone Tree, you’re brilliant. That is all 🙂

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