Looking for a quiet night in with some informative harm reduction videos?  Stonetree recommends the following sources for some great video resources.


Drug Reporter

Drug Reporter is a project of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.  Focussed on International drug law reform and the protection of the human and civil rights of drug users, the Drug Reporter YouTube channel hosts many highly inventive videos that challenge the prevailing wisdom of the war on drugs.  See an example of a great campaign challenging international drug laws here.


Exchange Supplies

The U.K.’s Exchange Supplies YouTube channel hosts a range of high quality video resources produced to meet the needs of both people who use drugs and harm reduction workers.  See a sample of their great work here: Going over (on heroin)


FEAD (Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs) resourced by Lifeline in the U.K. is a repository of filmed interviews with prominent authorities regarding alcohol and other drugs.  Many of the videos are also accompanied by supporting documents.  See Rowdy Yates speak about the development of Lifeline’s Needle Exchange program


North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

The North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition uses a Vimeo channel to both record and undertake  advocacy supporting the more entrenched establishment of harm reduction in the southern states of the USA.  Check out their great video: What is Harm Reduction?

Reach for me

An incredibly rich website that promotes what is an incredibly rich film, promoting the greater availability of Naloxone.  Reach For Me contains a range of interviews with leading experts and advocates from across the United States highlighting  ‘the interconnected issues of naloxone pricing and production shortages, public funding support (or more often lack thereof), and other factors affecting access to overdose prevention tools.’

With website development by Injecting Advice and HIT and film production by Sawbuck Productions, this project supported by the Open Society Foundation is well worth a look.

Check out the Reach for Me website at

View the complete video at:

4 Responses to “Video”
  1. Can I also suggest adding the Reach For Me site? So far there is the main film plus around 8 full interviews on naloxone (with another 22 to be added)

    (full disclosure, I make the website for RFM)

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