#hrsm Twitter Chat 29th March 2012 – What are your three tips for using social media to support harm reduction advocacy?

Our second #hrsm chat!  This week’s topic is using social media to support harm reduction advocacy. I thought we would do something a little different this week and ask participants to suggest three tips or strategies for undertaking advocacy online.  You don’t need to have actually tried the strategies.  The idea of this weeks discussion is to crowd source ideas, discussing the pros and cons of different approaches.

If you want to do a little pre reading I can highly recommend the following resources:

The Power of Video Advocacy: An Interview with the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union by Brett Davidson, Open Society Institute

Conducting a Media Advocacy Campaign: A Manual for Action by Anderson, W. & Bezverkha, A. (2010) Open Society Institute

How #hrsm Twitter Chat Works

A different chat topic will be posted under the tag #hrsm  at the same time each week.  People interested in participating in the chat can simply follow the hashtag and contribute to the conversation by posting a tweet containing the tag.

Throughout the chat a convener (in this case me) will pose topic questions to the group.

Updates about upcoming topics will be regularly posted to this site.  An archive of each weeks discussion will be made available via this site.



#hrsm chat will be happening every Thursday 21:30 AEDT. You can find the date and time for your time zone here

You are welcome to join us and get plugged in to what’s happening in the world of harm reduction and social media.


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