Harm Reduction Media Arts Project #HRMAP

My eight year old showed me how to build the comic below using Lego Hero Factory Comic Builder

After I created the comic, it struck me just how easy it has become to create media and then disseminate it to an audience.  There are many online services that have simplified media production, whether it is the creation of comics, posters or movies.

Listed below are some websites that I have used in the past, that provide simple interfaces for media production.


Glogster is an easy to use service that allows you to produce interactive posters about whatever topic you like.


Are you a budding music video producer?  Simply insert your images/videos, select your music and shape your key points.  The result?  A thirty second music video telling your harm reduction message to the world.

Stock xchng

Looking for just the right photo for your media production?  Stock xchang provides a large range of free to use stock photos.

Harm Reduction Media Arts Project

So here’s a challenge for you.  I am opening a new category on the blog devoted to Harm Reduction Media Arts Projects and you can take part too!

Simply create your project using a simple to use online tool.  It can be one of the suggested ones above or it might be another that you have discovered elsewhere.  The only constraint is your imagination and the requirement that the project promote harm reduction.

Once you have completed your project use the form below to let me know about it.  Also include a description of how you made the project so that others can learn new techniques for producing media that supports harm reduction.  Remember keep it simple – the idea is that even my eight year old can learn to do it!

I will publish submitted harm reduction media projects along with the descriptions of how they were made to the blog and also tweet them under the hash tag  #hrmap.  Feel free to include a brief personal or organisational bio if you wish that to be published along with your project.

Remember harm reduction will be digitised!

Submit a project now!

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