3 Naloxone videos you should not miss

Naloxone is a life saving medication that when administered can reverse the symptoms of opiate overdose. In many jurisdictions in the U.S. and the U.K. naloxone is becoming increasingly available to people who use opiates.  In Australia, a pilot project where naloxone is being prescribed to opiate users is underway in the Australian Capital Territory.  Naloxone saves lives and it is with this in mind that I recommend the following three videos that you should not miss.

Naloxone saves lives

A 13 minute video from Harm Reduction Works, provides a great overview of naloxone and provides some great information about the signs and symptoms of opiate overdose and what to do if you believe that someone has overdosed.

It is important to note the reference in this video to 999 as an emergency services number, only applies in the UK.  In the U.S. call 911. In Australia call 000.

 Making Naloxone Work

A video produced by Exchange Supplies in the UK, this 10 minute video documents the benefits and challenges experienced by the Swansea Drugs Project (Wales) in setting up and operating a naloxone distribution program.

Naloxone: So simple it’s child play

Produced by @injectingadvice, this short but powerful video demonstrates the simple steps required to:

  • Place somebody in the recovery position
  • Call an ambulance
  • Administer naloxone
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