Where’s a Harm Reduction Superhero when you need one?

I loved comic books when I was younger, particularly 2000AD.  I still have a couple of Slaine graphic novels at home. It was with this enthusiasm for comic books that I approached the latest #hrmap project: Stigma and Harm Reduction.

There are no Harm Reduction Superheroes in this comic, however if you are reading this and thinking that you might create something that challenges the stigma the people who use drugs  experience regularly, then you may be the Harm Reduction Superhero.

Making the Comic

The whole project was knocked together pretty quickly (probably about 12 hours work) using a variety of iPad apps including Comic Book, Phoster, Pixlromatic, Wordfoto and PeHD-Fotolr.  The result is a 3 page comic book addressing the links between stigma and drug related harms.  Like the previous #hrmap projects that I have created.  You are free to use the comic to promote harm reduction in your own practice.

Want to download a PDF copy: Stigma and Harm Reduction

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Want to submit your own #hrmap project?  Check out the details and submission form at the bottom of this article: Harm Reduction Media Arts Project

2 Responses to “Where’s a Harm Reduction Superhero when you need one?”
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