#HRMAP: Dispose don’t expose

Another guest submission for the Harm Reduction Media Arts Project, this one from Debi Ritchie

Description supplied by Debi:

After taking a photo of a sharps bin, I downloaded the Photogene2 app onto my iphone for 69p What a bargain!!

I edited the photo using the photogene2 app. Changing the frame to the cartoon option and added a jagged speech bubble.

After noting down on a scrap bit of paper Harm reduction advice I finally came up with the slogan ‘Dispose dont expose’
URL of new project: http://t.co/VT6kj7WL


Rotate your injecting sites

Another submission by Debi stressing the importance of rotating injecting sites: Change the track, original URL: https://twitter.com/El_Pichichi88/status/223204511504797697/photo/1

Want to submit your own Harm Reduction Media Project

2 Responses to “#HRMAP: Dispose don’t expose”
  1. Nyah Harwood says:

    great images!!
    Im an nsp worker in cairns, queensland, australia. Could we please use this image for our NSP packs and wall displays?
    Nyah Harwood

    • stonetreeaus says:

      Hi Nyah,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      These images were produced and submitted by Debi Ritchie so you would need to get her permission to use them. There is a link to Debi’s twitter account in the article.

      Happy NSP’ing and don’t forget International Overdose Awareness Day on the 31st of August 🙂



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