#HRMAP: Warning Anthrax is killing heroin users again

Another #HRMAP submission from Nigel Brunsdon, from the wonderful Injecting Advice website, who has not only shared some of his design techniques but also produced a poster that provides very important information to people injecting heroin.

Nigel says…

We’ve had more case of anthrax deaths linked to heroin use in mainland Europe (Germany and Denmark). In 2010 he lost 14 UK heroin users to anthrax, and it’s considered to be an ongoing risk factor.

Making this poster:
The poster was made entirely on the iPad, the initial design was done in ‘phoster’, extra text added with ‘pages’ and then the texture was added with ‘snapseed’. Total design time was 1 hour.
URL of new project: http://yfrog.com/z/obxo7fnj

Want to submit your own #HRMAP Project?


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