5 posters about Hepatitis C

Today is World Hepatitis Day.  To help highlight the day I’ve produced 5 #HRMAP posters specifically about Hepatitis C.  Like all of the #HRMAP projects, these posters have been made using stock photos and a number of iPad apps (Phoster and Wordfoto being the main two).  Please feel free to share and/or use these posters.

Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus

Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus (BBV) transmitted  via blood on blood contact.  this of course has special relevance for people who inject drugs as unsafe practices can expose them to blood on blood contact.

Can you see the blood?

The amount of blood required to transmit Hepatitis C is so small, that it can be invisible to the naked eye.  It is for this reason that sterile injecting equipment is so important in preventing transmission of Hepatitis C.

Invisible Epidemic

It’s not only infected blood that can be invisible.  Many people with chronic Hepatitis C infection can go years without any symptoms and therefore are unaware that they have been infected.  It pays to get tested.

Some things are not meant to be shared

One of the things that we can do to prevent the transmission of Hepatitis C is is to ensure that we do not share injecting equipment.  This means not only the syringe but all of the equipment including tourniquet, filter and spoon or other receptacle used to prepare the drug for injecting.  Sometimes not sharing is the nicest thing you can do for a person.

One drop of blood can change your life

On average, around 25% of people who contract hepatitis C will clear the virus naturally within the first 12 months. For the remaining 75% of people the virus is not eliminated. For these people the virus will probably remain in their body for the rest of their lives. This is called chronic (long term) hepatitis C.

(Source: Hepatitis Victoria  http://www.hepcvic.org.au/what_is_hepatitis )

Chronic Hepatitis C infection is treatable, however it requires a large commitment on the part of the person being treated and is not always successful.  Contracting chronic Hepatitis C can have a huge impact on people’s lives, therefore prevention of infection is very important. Use sterile equipment every time.

Hepatitis C Resources

Want to learn more about Hepatitis C?  Check out these great websites:

C-Ciety ( a social network for people with Hepatitis C considering or undertaking treatment)

Hepatitis Australia

Hepatitis NSW

Hepatitis Victoria


4 Responses to “5 posters about Hepatitis C”
  1. Great posters. I’ll be posting them on my site (with your permission of course).

  2. Margarita Cabral says:

    Great visuals and very educational!

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