#HRMAP Playing with the Over iPad App

The first #HRMAP release for 2013 and this time I’m also using a new iOS app called Over to create my projects.

A Quick Overview

For those of you who are new to #HRMAP (Harm Reduction Media Arts Project), the idea is to use really simple tools, that even relatively non computer genius/designer types can use to promote harm reduction messages.  You can read more about the project here.


Over is a pretty simple application that allows you to place text over the top of your photographs and then share them via Facebook, Twitter, email etc.  It’s not rocket science but it is quick and easy and if you have an effective message coupled with a supporting image you might find that the ideas you are promoting may receive a little more attention on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s have look at some posters made with Over.

Rabbit in the Headlights

overdose hrmap

It can be really scary when witnessing an overdose.  Fear interferes with our thinking and sometimes we can freeze.  Finding out what we can do in the instance of an overdose and making sure that we practice our response is possibly the best thing we can do to prepare.

Planning a big night out?

alcohol hrmap

When thinking about harm reduction tips regarding alcohol, I’m a big fan of hydration.  Drinking a water chaser between alcoholic beverages can assist in slowing down our rate of consumption and it can help counter the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

Ecstasy Getting You Down?


For some people the comedown from stimulants like MDMA can be awful.  Additionally the repeated exposure to MDMA over a short period of time can lead to depletion of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that is associated with many functions including mood.  Taking a break occasionally, gives your body and brain a rest and reduces potential harms.


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