9th International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival

As any regular readers of the blog would be already aware, I am a big fan of using different types of mediums to promote harm reduction messages.  I think that film (whether it be online or off) can be an amazing tool for conveying these messages.  This year’s IHRA conference will play host for the 9th year to a film festival devoted to harm reduction films, an exciting event, that sadly I will miss.  I do however encourage any organisations or individuals involved in film projects that are devoted to harm reduction, to please consider entering the film festival.  More details about the festival and submission process are contained below.

9th International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

The 9th International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival will run from 9th-12th June 2013 as a parallel stream as part of the annual Harm Reduction International conference program in Vilnius, Lithuania. For more information about Harm Reduction 2013, please visit http://www.ihra.net/conference. For more information about the film festival, please visit: http://www.burnet.edu.au/projects/131_drugs_and_harm_reduction_film_festival

Film Submissions

If you are going to submit a film, please contact the film festival organisers at filmfest@burnet.edu.au as soon as possible to receive your submission form.

As mentioned previously, all submissions will be subject to review by a panel and are not guaranteed to be screened.

All films must be:

  • In English (or have English subtitles)
  • On DVD or Video (DHS or PAL) formats – this is to ensure we show your work in the best quality possible (without having to rely on internet streaming)
  • All films must be submitted with a hard copy and an electronic copy of the submission form by 1st March 2013.

In late April 2013, the panel will determine which films are suitable for either Lounge Sessions (where films are screened and unaccompanied by a presenter) or Symposium Screenings, which offer the opportunity for someone who has been involved (directly or indirectly) in the making of a film (up to 30 minutes long) to introduce and discuss their work.

Presenters must also register for the conference – please visit http://www.ihra.net/conference for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Film Fest team at the Burnet Institute for more information.

2 Responses to “9th International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival”
  1. Well I posted a DVD to them this week, now I just have to wait till April to find out if it’s accepted

  2. We just found out that our short animated film, ‘Tobacco Addiction Story’, has been accepted for screening as part of the Lounge sessions! We’re very excited – it’s a 3 minute film that explains the relationship between nicotine, dopamine and the brain and is targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as part of a broader campaign called No Smokes (www.nosmokes.com.au) designed to reduce smoking rates amongst Indigenous Australians. You can view the video here: http://quit.nosmokes.com.au/quitting/addiction/

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