International Overdose Day 2013 #OD13

International Overdose Day is fast approaching August 31st is a time when we can work in concert to address the stigma associated with overdose, to provide information and resources to the community and to stand in remembrance of those who have experienced overdose.  A feature of International Overdose Awareness Day in recent years has been the sharing of resources and key messages via a shared hashtag on Twitter.  Last year under the umbrella of the hashtag #OD12 over 4 million people were reached with tweets raising awareness and sharing information pertinent to overdose.  You can check out a great infographic produced by Injecting Advice that details the reach and scope of International Overdose Day activity on Twitter in 2012.  It is my fond hope that the hundreds of advocates that are bound to tweet using the #OD13 hashtag for International Overdose Awareness Day 2013 can reach more than 5 million people this year.

Don’t know what to tweet?

If you are new to Twitter or never participated in a big tweet up before it can sometimes be difficult to know what to tweet.  Here are some suggestions you could consider:

  • Have you produced or know of any great overdose prevention resources online, well tweet the link
  • Know any good suggestions for avoiding overdose that you can capture in 140 characters or less?
  • Do you know where people can obtain naloxone?  If so tell people about it.  If it’s not available in your area, use the opportunity to raise awareness about its importance in preventing opioid overdose deaths
  • And don’t forget to talk to other #OD13 tweeters.  Ask questions, introduce yourself, tell them why International Overdose Day is important to you

Want your #OD13 tweets to have an impact?

Pictures speak 1000 words and with the limitation of 140 characters in Twitter, pictures (and links) can have an even larger impact.  In a previous article I have provided a number of tips for producing materials promoting harm reduction in social media.  If you want to add a little impact have a go at producing some visual messages that you can tweet using the #OD13 tag.

If you are keen to something simpler, check this out  All it takes is a camera (or phone camera) some markers and paper.


Anybody who regularly follows Stonetree will be aware of the Gallery page, filled with a range of harm reduction images that are free to use and share to promote harm reduction.  I have selected a range of these images pertinent to overdose.  Feel free to share them especially with the hashtag #OD13

I look forward to reading all the tweets and as always I’m sure I will learn something new!


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