You are invited to Australia’s first Harm Reduction Cafe

In September 2012, I was lucky enough to attend the very first Harm Reduction Café, held in Liverpool.  It was a great event that provided me with the opportunity to meet many of the people I had heard about and chatted with on social media.  The concept was developed by HIT and has been designed to foster a greater sense of connectedness in the Harm Reduction sector.  In my experience it is also a great opportunity to network and share information.  Since coming back to Australia I have really wanted to get a harm reduction café happening in Australia, but until now competing priorities kept getting in the way.  I am now very happy to announce the very first Harm Reduction Café in Australia (and apparently the first outside of Ireland and the U.K.)

So what is a Harm Reduction Café?

HIT explain it far better than I do:

“The Harm Reduction Cafe is an attempt to increase the sense of connectedness in the harm reduction community. Over the years, we’ve met people at conferences and other events who share a common goal or philosophy. But not everyone gets to go to a conference, and even when they do we still meet people who feel isolated for the rest of the year.

What we want to do with this site is provide a way of getting passionate harm reduction advocates to meet more regularly both online (with virtual cafes on Twitter and in Google hangouts) and in person at Cafe events. We (HIT) will be organising a number of these get togethers for free around the UK, which will all be announced here and on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. But we are also giving you the tools to set up your own events. You can meet other advocates here and announce any events you’re planning.”

(Harm Reduction Café website

Simply put, Harm Reduction Cafes are the gathering of like-minded people in an agreed upon venue to swap ideas, network and share information.  HIT have provided a wonderful website with plenty of resources to support people to start and promote their own harm reduction cafes.  I can see how such events can support learning and resource sharing, and become the vehicle by which new ideas and are initiatives are born.

How to get involved

Well obviously the first thing you can do is come join us at Australia’s first Harm Reduction Café.

When: 7:00 PM 20th August 2013

Where: Edinburgh Castle Hotel 681 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria

You can register to attend via the Harm Reduction Café Website – Register to attend

Secondly you can promote this event to your own networks via Twitter (using the #hrcafe tag), email, Facebook or by word of mouth.  We would love to get as many people attending as possible.

Lastly you can set up you own Harm Reduction Café event.  It’s really easy to do and is a great way to meet with people who share your passion for harm reduction.

Check out the Harm Reduction Care Website to find out how you can organise your very own Harm Reduction Café.

6 Responses to “You are invited to Australia’s first Harm Reduction Cafe”
  1. RoyAl Abbott says:

    Excellent move Matt. I think they are a fine idea. We must do our utmost to preserve the gains made under harm reduction because otherwise one day we will wake up and it will be gone. We must talk sometime soon. I will help on any way I can.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Thanks so much for arranging the cafe event Matt, I have real high hopes that they’ll do well in Aus 🙂

    • stonetreeaus says:

      My pleasure sir :). I too hope they take off in Australia. It was a great experience in the UK. I get to meet lot’s of different people around the place, but many people still work in relative isolation. It would be great to bring people together. Cheers Matt

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  2. […] The 20th of August 2013 marked the first ever Harm Reduction Café to be held in Australia. […]

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