5 of my favourite International Overdose Awareness Day images

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. It is a time of rememberance and a day to promote overdose prevention. In recent years, social media has been increasingly used to promote overdose prevention and International Overdose Awareness Day. This year is no different as an increasing number of tweets tagged #OD13 are starting to flow through.

Anyone who has been following the Stonetree blog recently will already know that I frequently develop visual messages for social media that promote harm reduction. I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some of my favourite visual messages that have been posted by other advocates under the #OD13 hash tag so far.

Someone’s son or daughter


Created by Nigel Brunsdon @InjectingAdvice , this image is simple and straight to the point. Unfortunately overdose is frequently still treated as taboo and frequently families who lose a loved one to overdose feel stigmatised and isolated. This message humanises overdose and asks us to consider the real emotional cost.



Now in the interests of full disclosure, I must admit that I took this photograph on behalf of @ReGenUC so I am probably more than a little biased, but I do love this photo.

As a part of UnitingCare ReGen’s (an alcohol and other drugs treatment and education centre in Melbourne, Australia) Overdose Awareness Day activities, it was decided to collect written messages from clients and staff and photograph them to be posted on to Facebook and Twitter. A template was produced that participants could use to record their message. One very creative participant created this piece of origami rather than write a message. As one commenter put it; ‘sometimes words are not enough’.

Nuff said


Found this gem on Twitter with the accompanying statement: ‘Nuff said’. I can’t remember who posted it but totally agree with the sentiment.

This is a life saving shot


Stephen Malloy @StephenCMalloy a leading naloxone advocate in Scotland posted this to Twitter. Naloxone remains a major topic in relation to overdose, with many jurisdictions still experiencing needless limitations regarding the availability of this life saving medication. This image promotes the potential of naloxone to save lives and it just looks really cool!

Naloxone Ninja


She pops up everywhere. I guess when you are a Naloxone Ninja, your work is never done. This image was taken by @phiggs at an Overdose Awareness Day event at the North Richmond Community Health Centre. Like the Naloxone Ninja, you too can be a hero , just by carrying the potential to save a life with you: Naloxone. The North Richmond Community Centre is located right in the middle of one of Melbourne’s busiest street markets for heroin. The recent announcement of a new program to support the wider availability of Naloxone will no doubt save lives in the area, and enable people who use drugs in the area to demonstrate their heroic qualities too.


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