Global Drug Survey 2014

The time is upon us again! The Global Drug Survey is the world’s biggest annual survey of drug use. Independent of any government or international monitoring or regulatory body, GDS was founded by Consultant Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Adam Winstock to give a voice to the people who know most about drugs, the people who use them.

This year I have agreed to volunteer some time as a social media manager (along with a number of other people across the globe) and would love your support to spread the word, making this year’s survey the largest yet.

How can you support GDS?

Well the obvious first step is to do the survey.  It is completely anonymous and can take between 10 – 40 minutes to do.  You will find the survey at

The second thing you can do is help spread the word by supporting GDS’s social media activities.

You can:

Or you may like a more local flavour to your GDS news:

Thank you in advance for your support.  I look forward to seeing the results of the survey!

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