4 Hot ‘how to’ resources for people who inject drugs

There are many conventions for a blog post.  Two of the most popular are ‘how to’ posts and list posts.  I thought I’d combine the two, to bring together some of the better ‘how to’ resources for people who inject drugs.

How to use a wheel filter

This video from ReGen provides a point of view guide on how to use a wheel filter to remove particulates when injecting pills.  Injecting pills can cause extensive damage to veins and lead to abcesses and other infections.  It’s not something I would recommend, but if you are going to inject pills then using a wheel filter can help to reduce the potential for harm.

How to make a great foil pipe

This video has been developed by the fine folk at Exchange Supplies.  Smoking your drugs in preference to injecting can assist in reducing the risk of overdose and potential transmission of blood born viruses.  This video steps you through making a pipe out of foil that can be used to smoke either crack or heroin.

How to use a tourniquet

Many people demonstrate poor practice when using a tourniquet for injecting.  This article from the outstanding Injecting Advice website provides some tips on the best methods for using a tourniquet as well as recommendations regarding what to use as a tourniquet: How to use a tourniquet

Putting someone in the recovery position

This video from the Harm Reduction Works YouTube channel steps you through the process of placing someone in the recovery position.  This important piece of knowledge can aid you in potentially saving a mates life, so check it out.

Got any other great harm reduction how to resources?  Please share them with us all and post a link in the comments section.

4 Responses to “4 Hot ‘how to’ resources for people who inject drugs”
  1. Sam Liebelt says:

    Hey Stone tree,

    I had to add the videos and animations which AIVL have produced over the past 3 years to the list above. This is the new medium for effective harm reduction messageing!

    Hand Washing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyjzQFwTp3A&feature=c4-overview&list=UUML7PAmnLeBNsWTW-Jmiukg

    How Veins Collapse – http://aivl.org.au/veincare/?v=veincollapse&title=Vein_Collapse
    How Abscesses Form – http://aivl.org.au/veincare/?v=abscessformation&title=Abscess_Formation
    Reusing Needles – http://aivl.org.au/veincare/?v=reusingneedles&title=Reusing_Needles

    • stonetreeaus says:

      How remiss of me not to mention the great resources produced by AIVL! I think they might even deserve a blog article of their own in the very near future 🙂



      • Sam Liebelt says:

        With thanks from AIVL:)

        Happy to have a chat about a guest write about AIVL’s online harm reduction work, but of course you always do us justice. You know how to contact me so flick us an email if you need/want.

      • stonetreeaus says:

        I’m happy for you to do a guest article anytime Sam. I’ll mail you later in the week



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