Stonetree recommends:

AIVL For advocacy and information.

Bluebelly For all your psychostimulant (amphetamines,cocaine and ecstasy) needs.

Bluelight for peer information and experience.

Erowid to tap the minds of the psychonauts.

FEAD to hear the boffins speak.

Harm Reduction Journal for a little light reading.

Heads Together to network and share.

Injecting Advice for that and more.

Pill Reports for the recipe lists.

Talking Drugs to read all about it.

Outstanding Blogs

Drugs, Internet, Society

Limit of Shunt

Stace Inspire

The Australian Heroin Diaries

What Goes Around Comes Around

3 Responses to “Links”
  1. Hey I’m blushing. You list my blog as outstanding. Thank you! Your blog is my favourite AOD blog. I might need to create my own page for special blogs too πŸ™‚

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Injecting, Stonetree. Stonetree said: Stonetree reccomends […]

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