ADCA defunding is about anything but austerity


I read with shock and horror yesterday the announcement of the defunding and subsequent placement of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia (ADCA) into voluntary administration.  This irresponsible action has been undertaken in the name of austerity however when we consider the longer term implications of such a decision it can only be considered … Continue reading

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Global Drug Survey Addresses the Changing Face of Drug Markets


Today marks the launch of this year’s Global Drug Survey.  The largest independent survey of its type in the world, the Global Drug Survey collects information about drugs from people who use drugs, from right across the globe.  Last year’s Global Drug Survey received over 15, 000 responses.  This year the Global Drug Survey Team … Continue reading

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No drug decriminalisation but we can still change drug laws to improve health outcomes


Recent public discussions about the decriminalisation of currently illicit drugs in Australia engendered by the A21 Report on Australian Drug Policy has  prompted me to think about the nature of Australian drug laws and how they impact upon harm reduction. The response from our country’s leading politicians demonstrates once again that the notion of reducing … Continue reading

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