#HRSM Chat 12th April 2012 – Live Tweeting Harm Reduction Conferences


This week’s topic is one that I have visited before.  Live tweeting from alcohol and other drugs conferences is a great way of sharing learning with others who are unable to attend the conference.  With the growing number of people tweeting from conferences I thought it might be a good idea to discuss the tips … Continue reading

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#hrsm Twitter Chat Archive 5th April 2012 – Should We Keep Our Social Media Interactions Separate From ‘Work’ Or Combine Them?

Another small but lively group tonight discussing the separation (or lack therof) between our professional and personal social media identities.  You can read the transcript here

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#HRSM Chat 5th April 2012 – Should we keep our social media interactions separate from ‘work’ or combine them?


This week’s topic has been suggested by one of our #hrsm regulars Nigel Brunsdon @injectingadvice When operating in social media spaces, questions of privacy and the divisions between our personal and professional lives arise.  In face to face practice we are constantly reminded of the need to maintain boundaries between our personal lives and our … Continue reading

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