Submit a HRMAP project

Submit a project to Harm Reduction Media Arts Project

The  Harm Reduction Media Arts Project (#HRMAP) involves using simple online tools and applications to make creative, thought provoking and informative art projects about harm reduction.  You can check out examples of HRMAP projects at:

The best part is you can take part too!

Submit an artwork

So here’s a challenge for you.

Simply create your project using a simple to use online tool or phone app.  Some examples include Phoster, Halftone and Photogene.   The only constraint is your imagination and the requirement that the project promote harm reduction.

Once you have completed your project use the form below to let me know about it.  Also include a description of how you made the project so that others can learn new techniques for producing media that supports harm reduction.  Remember keep it simple – the idea is that even my eight year old can learn to do it!

I will publish submitted harm reduction media projects along with the descriptions of how they were made to the blog and also tweet them under the hash tag  #hrmap.  Feel free to include a brief personal or organisational bio if you wish that to be published along with your project.

Remember harm reduction will be digitised!

Submit a project now!

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