HRMAP Submission: New Kit

Yay!  A new submission for the #HRMAP project  The media below was submitted by Tim Bingham.  Some might know him as @INEF on Twitter.  I’ll let Tim explain his submission in his own words…

I recently watched an interview with Magdelena Harris and in her the interview she highlights how as workers we need to look at changing the message we tell the clients.

It  then  reminded in the 1990’s when I was saying to injectors to use a new needle to get a better hit as many of them were using the same works  they were fed up with hearing the same message around HIV /AIDS

These posters are simple messages that focus on the reward for using new equipment rather than focusing on the transmission on blood borne viruses.

All the best Tim


Don’t use used works

New kit, better hit

Save your vein

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